Affect change or Effect change

In the realm of English writing, determining the appropriateness of the phrases 'affect change' and 'effect change' can be confusing.

In this article, we will examine the proper usage of these terms and provide you with helpful tips and tools for writing effectively in the future.

When To Use "Affect Change"

In American English, "affect change" is used to refer to the act of influencing or altering something


  • "She organized a protest to affect change in the city's policies on homelessness."
  • "His speeches had a powerful affect on the audience, inspiring them to take action and affect change."
  • "The company's sustainability initiative was designed to affect change in their environmental impact."
  • "The new laws were implemented in order to affect change in the criminal justice system."
  • It's important to remember that "affect" can also mean how someone acts or shows their feelings and "effect" can mean to make something happen. But in this case, "affect change" means to make something different and "effect change" means the change that happened.

When To Use " Effect Change" 

In English writing, it is appropriate to use the phrase "effect change" when referring to the outcome or result of an action or event that has caused a change to occur.


  • "The new regulations are expected to have a major effect on change in the financial industry."
  • "The grassroots campaign had a powerful effect on change in the political landscape."
  • "The company's restructuring efforts are starting to have a noticeable affect change on change in their profitability."
  • "The public's increasing awareness of the issue has had a positive effect on change in government policies."

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