Top 7 AI Writing Software

Here are the top 7 AI writing software to help you get through writer's block and create a massive amount of content at your fingertips. They are absolute must use tools to use when building a content website.

Jasper AI

  • Jasper is a well-known AI in the content writing world with tons of templates to choose from. 
  • Professional writers use Jasper for an easier and faster writing process. 
  • Writing quality gets as real as the human user sets  
  • Rewrite sentences, or rewrite in other languages
  • Jasper writes creative and original content, making it the perfect tool for the job including ad writing

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  • QuillBot is a popular tool among content writers and students.
  • It offers many features, even in the free trial.
  • You must write new, error-free content to avoid plagiarism and other crimes.
  • QuillBot can help with grammar checking and proofreading.
  • The premium plan offers additional features like a plagiarism checker and citation generator.

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  • Copymatic helps you create minimal viable content to grow your website traffic fast, which can be used to write articles, blog posts and social media content as well as produce presentation scripts with ease.
  • The software is used by thousands of business clients to craft marketing messages without previous copywriting experiences and has built-in SEO audit tool like SurferSEO.
  • Copymatic's AI network is one of the best rated AI writing algorithm that presents helpful wizard tools and templates to build your content with up to 127 language support.

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  • Articleforge can quickly generate AI content like JasperAI
  • It is not an article spinning tool, but rather a machine learning driven writer that produces sentences that make sense and pass Copyscape and plagiarism checks.
  • The quality of the content depends on the complexity of the articles desired; Articleforge can handle most requests as long as users don't expect perfection.

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  • Scalnut is a SEO-supported AI writing tool that integrates with SEMRUSH and Copyscape.
  • The Cluster booster tool that provides helpful keyword cluster info from Semrush
  • Scalenut’s proprietary algorithm can provide an overall keyword cluster difficult score that a new website can target right away while focusing on one specific topic cluster to build SEO relevance.
  • The Cruise Mode feature allows the client to enter a topic to write, then the AI will find all relevant H2 and FAQ subheadings for the user to choose from.

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  • Copymatic can provide clients with fast website copy, social media content, and blog content in seconds.
  • Copymatic's uses the new GPT-3 technology to generate text based on the context provided.
  • Simply select the language, name the title, list keywords to include and provide a brief description of what to write.

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  • Grammarly is the most popular and best AI content writing tool that focuses on rewrite and spelling checks
  • It is most heavily used in academics, by bloggers, influencers, and content writers.
  • The basic grammar-checking feature is free, but a more advanced version with plagiarism checking costs $12/month – which is worth it for the additional features.
  • Grammarly can be installed on any device, including phones.

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Hemingway App


  • Hemingway App is a free AI content writing tool that can help improve the readability of your written content.
  • You can copy and paste your content onto the website, and it will examine the readability of your content and suggest phrases that need to be improved.
  • The only downside of this tool is that it doesn't suggest grammatically correct phrases for you to click on to improve your piece.

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