7 Best Article Rewriter Tools

These days, rewriting has become an integral part of content marketing. Many site owners often gather information on the internet and have to package the content without diluting the message.

Here are some 7 best article rewriter tools you can use right now.

1. Copysmith

Price: $19/month

Copysmith is designed to meet the needs of eCommerce staff and businesses. It has content enhancer to improve readability and SEO, as well as the rewriter functionality to give your articles new wording.

The software has the ability to shorten long sentences without altering their meanings. If you want to introduce yourself in a professional bio, this tool has a feature for that, too.

Email marketers can use the platform as an email copywriter to make their job easier. Meanwhile, the bulk content creation feature is a great help for eCommerce managers who need to generate multiple quality product descriptions with a single, quick action.

Other than product descriptions, the bulk content generator also supports more formats including blog post outlines, Facebook posts, Google Ads, social media ads, meta descriptions, content enhancer, and content rewriter.

Copysmith allows users to check the originality of their content. Thanks to its AI system, the software can help you craft various types of content without much effort.

Users can integrate Copysmith with scores of third-party apps and software, thus allowing them to work together without switching between tabs. If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s also an extension that enables access to this tool in your browser.

Connecting with a Google Docs account is also possible thanks to the available addon. Even if your favorite program isn’t on the integration list, you can still use Copysmith’s API to enable more connectivity.

For people working in a digital marketing agency, there’s no need to use multifaceted workflow programs separately, as Copysmith lets you and your team collaborate in a single place.

2. Wordtune

Price: Free or $9.99/month

Wordtune is an AI-powered tool built to speed up content creation. It reads not just your words, but also your context. To put simply, it knows what you’re trying to say and helps you express it in a compelling way.

With this software, you will be able to avoid empty phrases and awkwardness in writing. It properly rephrases your sentences to eliminate wordiness so that they become stronger and more concise.

Wordtune is also useful for improving tone, language, and structure for better readability. This helps you increase the overall quality of your content, in addition to making you sound like a pro in your writing.

Sentence formatting is usually easy, unless things get a little difficult, which is the case sometimes. It’s possible that you will depart from the matter of discussion without even realizing it.

With Wordtune’s sentence formatting feature, you get the necessary help to put your words in the correct sequences.

3. Word AI

Price: $27/month

Word AI is a decent program for generating new and readable articles. With content rewriting being its key feature, it only requires you to enter your text and hit the rewrite button, after which the software will represent your content in a unique manner.

It can enrich your text by adding more information to it. Before the spinning process begins, Word AI scans the submitted article to learn about its context. Then the software produces a well-spun copy based on its deep understanding of the original content.

It’s super easy to spin an entire article with Word AI. Even if you have many pieces to be processes at once, the tool can do that, too, thanks to its bulk rewriting feature.

4. QuillBot

Price: Free or $4.17/month

QuillBot comes with summarizer to help you sum up an article. This feature comes in handy when you’re writing conclusions for blog posts or other short texts such as social media posts and meta descriptions.

There’s no need to worry about grammar. The tool will identify big and small grammatical mistakes that make your article looks unprofessional, thus giving you an error-free output.

QuillBot boasts a feature called Co-Writer, which allows users to paraphrase, receive writing tips, check grammar, and search the web without the need to open multiple tabs.

The AI-powered software supports multitasking, so you can use it to rewrite content, while also performing other associated tasks to improve your writing quality.

5. Spin Rewriter

Price: $47/month

Spin Rewriter is another content generator with AI capabilities. It can multiply an article into many unique, SEO-friendly pieces. If you want to create dozens of original copies quickly, this is the tool you’re looking for.

The rewriter reads the text you submit and creates other relevant content based on it. You can compare the original text with the newly spun ones in side-by-side view to immediately see the differences between them and check the uniqueness of your new content.

The software can do more than one spins. All your articles will be handled by its bulk spinner at once, allowing you to generate as many unique copies as you want.

Spin Rewriter is also compatible with WordPress, meaning that WP users can harness its ENL Semantic Spinning technology right in their content editor.

6. Spinbot

Price: Free or $4.99/month

Spinbot is a paraphrasing tool that can easily produce new articles for you. The contextually-intelligent software will keep your creative juices flowing as you discover more ways of expressing yourself. It takes only one click to get your new content ready.

Spinbot speeds up article spinning, and its API can be used through your favorite program or plugin. Many options are on offer, depending on the app or tool you want to build.

Spinbot’s high technologies enable quick article generation. The rewriter promptly changes every term to its synonym. To avoid plagiarism, it uses as many different words as possible in the spinning process.

The AI-enabled tool can rewrite your entire article while keeping its meaning intact. Its machine learning uses a programmed algorithm to spin articles. This algorithm has been trained with over 40 million pieces of content to ensure the most accurate spin possible.

The extractor functionality lets Spinbot pull an article from a specific location on the web. You just need to enter an URL address and the software will extract the content for spinning.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is the last AI writing program on the list. It automatically spots and rectifies writing mistakes, including spelling, grammar, and contextual errors. It does the job better than any other comparable proofreading apps.

The detection of grammar and spelling mistakes is done in real-time with instant suggestions for corrections, allowing you to fix small errors that would otherwise slip by.

Grammarly can also check the tone of your writing to make sure it provides the intended context. It will take your content grade to the next level by giving you the best vocabulary suggestions.

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