9 Best Cheap Article Services

Here are 9 cheap article services to help you quickly draft minimal viable content to rank on the search engine.

These are human writers you can pick in specific industries to do your work at a very low cost.

Before assigning topics to outsource writers – Get content outline instructions here


iWriter has been a popular site to order affordable content if the content brief clearly directs the writer on what to do. The best option we recommend is between premium ($0.01 / word) and elite plus ($0.07/word). This service is great for creating list content and generic content that are used to build SEO relevance and ranking.

Before ordering content, be sure to clearly instruct the writer what to do. This includes a clearly defined outline, keywords, and word count to give the writer a good starting point.

We don’t recommend ordering expert-level content from here.


Textbroker is the ultimate content curation platform. It provides you with an easy way to find and order high-quality articles from vetted writers, all at your fingertips!

You can either go solo or pair up as many favorite freelancers on this site so that they complete tasks simultaneously – it’s entirely up for each writer how much work he/she wants to put in during his time here.

If you’re not happy with the work, you can reject it or ask for a rewrite. In addition, TextBroker allows the client to compile a team of favorite writers to create broader content or select specific writers to complete your orders.

Word Agents

Word Agents is the go-to place for niche writers. They have a highly selective process to accept most qualified writers to write your content. As a website owner seeking for content. Each project is assigned a project manager who distributes your content request to qualified writers. The content is then vetted by the project manager before sending your way.


Guru is similar to Upworks but it’s a rapidly growing small company. The service only provides up to 9 niche topics in order to keep the content expertise expectation transparent.

These topics include: Programming and development, writing, design, adminstrative, sales, engineering, business, education and legal.

If your topics are outside of these options, then Guru is not the right choice for you.

Constant Content

Constant Content has a partnership with Shutterstock, which means your content will be paired with images found on Shutterstock. This is a great service to quickly put out custom content to get search rankings on a expired domain website or a brand new website.


Copypress offers a variety of services to help your business grow. Once you sign up, you will be assigned with a project strategist to help you handpick a content team to coordinate content delivery.

In addition, they help to analyze the content and suggest content ideas to improve your search engine ranking by going after keywords you should be going after.


Scripted’s easy-to-use content writing client interface provides you with a template to fill out. Qualified writers will then find and match up your request. If preferred browse through the list of available talent before adding them as favorites so they can continue working on future orders without additional input from yourself!


PassionPost is highly recommended for new website owners to order quality content in bulk. The process is extremely easy once the client logs into the dashboard to order content.

The content are all written by in house writers, and the options are:

  • $55 / response post from 1000 to 1250 words
  • $100 / staple post from 2000 to 2500 words
  • $150 / large staple post from 3000 – 3500 words

The content quality is outstanding, but the turnaround time can be as long as 1 month depending on the workload. If you have the patience to wait, then please definitely check out Passion Post.

However, please monitor the content quality if you request oddball topics to write.


Outsourcely is a great site for finding contractors and content creators to help with your project. You can find writers as well as other talents on here.

You’ll be able to find the perfect person in no time at all, plus they’re very affordable!