7 Best Jasper AI Alternative Software

Here are the 7 best Jasper AI alternative software to help you speed up content publishing, draft content outline, and content editing.

Some features are so great that JasperAI doesn’t even have them.

Check it out below:

Simplified AI

Simplified AI isn’t just an AI writing tool. It’s actually a mix of JasperAI and Canva hybrid. One of the most impressive template that actually works similar or sometimes better than JasperAI is the Before After Bridge copy template. It allows the client to quickly craft a short form marketing message that communicates how the product can benefit the users in simple words.

This can also be used to paraphrase well-written paragraphs from other sources, and turn them into what your style without losing its actual core message.

This can be used for cold email ads, YouTube content, and blogs. In addition, Simplified AI offers up to 50 templates to specifically craft marketing copy in 30+ languages.


Articleforge can produce AI content in just minutes. It’s not an article spinning tool, but it’s an AI machine learning driven writer that produces sentences that make sense, and they go through Copyscape and plagiarism checks.

The user simply selects the article length and select the keyword to include, then the program will write it. The content quality depend on the complexity of the articles you want to produce, Articleforge can handle most of it as long as the users don’t expect it to create content that even human can’t.

It’s highly recommended to edit the text, especially the part that AI gets wrong.


Copymatic can provide clients fast website copy, social media content, and blog content in seconds. Copymatic’s biggest advantages are its super easy to use user interface and the new GPT-3 technology to generate text based on the context provided.

The workflow is very similar to other AI writing tools. Simply select the language, name the title, list keywords to include and provide a brief description of what to write. Copymatic is simply the Paragraph Generator and Blog Outline and SEO Blog Post templates inside JasperAI.

The starter plan gives the user at least 5 – 8 content without using up all the credits.


Closerscopy is a tool that will help you create minimal viable content to grow your website traffic fast. It can be used to write articles, blog posts and social media content as well as produce presentation scripts with ease!

Copymatic uses their own proprietary AI network as one of the best rated AI writing algorithm to deliver quality content. The software is used by thousands of business clients to craft marketing messages without previous copywriting experiences. The proprietary AI presents helpful wizard tools and templates to build your content with up to 127 language support.

Users will save on average 30 – 70 mins creating content with the help of the built-in SEO audit tool like SurferSEO.


Writesonic is very similar to Copymatic and JasperAI. It’s features a hybrid JasperAI and Copymatic user interface. It can do as much as JasperAI including AI writing, text summary, AIDA framework, feature to benefit writing, company mission, emails, and up to 70 different templates.

Other features include browser extensions and Zapier integration for apps and web development usage.

The pricing structure is actually a lot more flexible than JasperAI. The user can pay for what’s needed per month as low as $16/month for 25000 words.

If you are full-time content creator wanting to launch multiple sites fast, then the $26.67/month option is the best deal.


Scalnut is a SEO supported AI writing tool that integrates with SEMRUSH and Copyscape to product content that ranks and passes the plagiarism check. Of course the user has to be selective regarding which keywords to use that are most likely to beat the competition, but overall the Scalnut program will deliver what you request it to produce.

The built-in Cluster booster tool provides helpful keyword cluster info from Semrush, then it uses Scalenut’s proprietary algorithm to provide an overall keyword cluster difficult score before writing the content. This helps speed up the content creation process to build topical authority that leads to traffic.

Another feature called the Cruise Mode allows the client to enter a topic to write, then the AI will find all relevant H2 and FAQ subheadings for the user to choose from. This is literally doing the draft writing optimized for SEO before sending it to the AI writer or a human writer. When using JasperAI, the user still has to do his/her own research.

We still highly recommend the user to examine the content for accuracy before publishing.

AI Writer

AI Writer features similar draft feature as Scalnut. It’s a much better blog outline template tool than JasperAI in our opinion. It saves a lot of time manually researching subheadings and titles before writing.

The best use case of AI Writer is to update existing content, rewrite old content, and draft outlines before passing it to an outsource writer or AI. The built in SEO text editor is similar to JasperAI working along side SurferSEO to find the right words that the search engine is looking for.

Overall, the AI Writer can do what other programs can, and its biggest selling point over JasperAI is the ability to find sub-topics much more institutively.