7 Best Of Article Writer Tool Types

Here are the 7 best article writer tool types that you will definitely find useful when creating content for websites, news articles or school work. These are very effective article writing tools that saves time writing, eliminate writer's block and can be your very best personal writing assistant.

Grammar Checker

Using grammar checking software, like Grammarly or WordTune, can help prevent grammar and spelling errors when writing content. Grammar mistakes can have a huge impact on how your content is received, and can even lead to confusion.

A rock solid grammar checking software can help writers catch grammar errors, typos, and other writing mistakes that can slip through the cracks. It even suggests ways to improve grammar and vocabulary, allowing you to polish your content with better readability.

There are free grammar checking tools like the Hemingway editor. For high volume use, we recommend Grammarly.

Content Brief Generator

Do you outsource your content to human writers? If so you should try using a content brief generator that can help you quickly draft content briefs that outline important topical subheadings to cover.

Features Keyword Everywhere chrome extension

While most AI writing software can generate topics, but sometimes a more dedicated tool is required to get more accurate results with some human editor supervision. A good topic generator must analyze the a search engine's most relevant suggestions and related results, and provide accurate main and subheadings that make sense.

One of the best way we recommend is to use Answerthepublic.com and various keyword tools like Ahrefs and Keyword Chef to come up with keyword ideas, then use the keyword ideas as relevant subheadings.

AI Writing Tools

A good AI writing software can assist article writers to write faster and provide a train of thought to go along with. Even though AI writing can't be completely replace human writing, but it can definitely eliminate writer's block.

One of the biggest advantages of using an AI writing tool is to prompt the AI using plain text English and generate paragraphs exactly what you told the AI to write.

Many AI writing software offer many different writing templates. Few of them are the AIDA (Attention - Interest - Decision - Action), BAB (Before After Bridge Script), bullet points generator, content summarizer...etc. These templates are useful for generic content creation as well as effective copywriting tool.

Simply enter the prompt fields and generate well written sentences in seconds. Users can always take the AI generated writing and optimize it further with some human touch.

AI Voiceover Tools

Not everyone wants to read these days, and most people prefer to listen to audio content. This is exactly why we put AI voiceover tools on this list. 

A good text to speech software like Murf, DescriptAI and Wellsaid can turn written words into realistic speaking voices in various languages. Whether you are creating a audiobook, creating an video ad or need someone to narrate your writing, using AI voice opens up the door to many creative works.

AI text to speech tools can repurpose your content into audio format, which is a huge life saver for anyone who doesn't want to use their own voice.

Before publishing, always listen to the audio first to make sure the speaking voice is natural and error free.

Keyword Software

If you are writing your content to rank on the search engine, you must need to learn how to use one of the top keyword software like Ahrefs, SEMRush to find the right keyword to target in your content.

keyword chef data

These tools will provide insightful keyword data, keyword traffic volume, LSI keywords and competition analysis to help your organize your content on the website, to have the best chance to rank against other competitors on the search engine result page (SERP).

One of the best thing a keyword tool can provide is coming up with a large number of keyword ideas that you may never even thought about. These including low competition keywords that are low hanging fruits to give you some quick SEO wins. 

SEO Software

Once your writing is done, you need a dedicated on page SEO tool to improve the page in order to rank better on the search engine. We recommend a tool like the SurferSEO. 

SurferSEO can analyze your page against all current competitors ranking on Google's 1st page, and provide very effective on page SEO improvement suggestions without guessing. These include keyword density check, NLP optimization, word count optimization, headline generator and content subtopics

Additionally, SurferSEO can integrate with JasperAI and Google search console to access your website's data to provide even more precise and website specific SEO suggestions.

Transcription Software

Not everyone has to write content with a keyboard, some people are better at speaking than writing. This is where we can leverage the power of transcription software to turn spoken words into writing.

Podcasters, interviewers, instructors, Zoom callers, animators, product reviewers and other content creators can take full advantage of audio transcription to convert their speech into paragraphs.

Advanced transcription software like Descript AI can also detect multiple speakers and accurate dictate what they said into conversational paragraph format.

Using an AI text to speech and a transcription software side by side, content creators can create the same content in different format fast all at the same time.

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