3 Best Passive To Active Voice Converter

Do you need help writing your content in active voice but you keep writing them in passive voice? Here are the 3 best passive to active voice converter you can use today.

Active voice is much direct and to the point for content designed to sell.

If you’re a copywriter or article writers, please check out these tools:


Sapling can convert passive voice sentences you put in and spits out active voice sentences. In addition, Sapling tool can catch 60% more errors than other competitor grammar software.

Above all, Sapling uses machine learning technology to suggest the writer what to write next. This is called predictive text, autocomplete saves users time when composing messages.


Quillbot is a great tool for rewriting active voice sentences. Simply enter the text you want to rewrite in the active voice into the text box. Then, click on the “Rewrite” button. Quillbot will automatically rewrite the text in the passive voice.

The user can then edit the rewritten text to make it sound more natural. Quillbot can help writers who want to improve their writing style or for those who want to learn more about active and passive voice.


PassiveToActive.com is a free online sentence rewrite software to convert a messy writing into something consumable. Many people use this tool to turn questionable sentences into clear and concise active voice writing.