24 Content Businesses You Can Start With $100

Here are 24 content businesses you can start with $100 in terms of just setting up the domain and website hosting. 

Some of the recommended niches don't require building a super big site with 600+ SEO articles, or fancy media production equipment to be successful. These can grow solely based on written content using paid or organic traffic methods.

24 Content Niches With Super Low Competition

Water Damage On Wall

Focus the entire site about fixing water problems on wall. This can be anything that revolving around fixing wall. This is a great niche for DIY and real estate fix and flip contractors to publish expert content to make money.

This niche can also lead to many tool related affiliate product sales, real estate inspection, fix and flip business opportunities.

Mesothelioma Attorney

Focus the entire site about people claiming legal action for mesothelioma, and write specific content that triggers expensive legal ads, or lead to expensive attorney related clicks or CPA offers

Self Employed Mortgage Loan

Business owners have the hardest time getting approved for a home loan. Bank statement loan niche is a great niche to get into to explain everything they need to know to qualify for a loan.

Content about home loan can also lead to many different refinance related topics to trigger more expensive ads

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen a lot and people usually don't know what to do. This niche is great for creating helpful content that lead people to the right solution while earning legal related ad clicks. These ad clicks generate lot of money and a site about car accident recovery can lead to a big market.

Construction Accident Lawyer

Similar as above

Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room (VDR) is a security niche to protect the transfer of money and other assets. It is usually used in mergers, acquisitions, private equity transactions, and debt financing.

This niche require educational content for people who are looking for asset protection like this, but haven't yet searched "virtual data room".

Jones Act Lawyer

This is a legal niche to get into in order to generate leads to explain regulation intricacies needed to ensure a settlement is just and equitable. This includes scrutinizing legal documents, such as settlement agreements, to ensure they are in the best interests of their clients. 

People who don't know yet to work with a Jones Act lawyer need to find educational legal content that lead them to the professionals.

Sell House For Cash Fast

Make a site that is all about selling house for cash fast. This niche can lead to many different real estate related ads, real estate agent related products and loan related ads, which pay a ton.

Rollover IRA Brokerage Account

Many people are looking for ways to invest their IRA account better, and this niche is an entry point to the larger business niche by focusing on taxes and retirement planning. 

Any legal or tax professionals can easily start a side gig with a niche site like this to generate leads through IRA related content

Setting Up Solo 401K

Solo 401K is different than regular 401K, which offers tons of tax advantages for self employed people. Setting up Solo 401K is a niche lot of people need information on to save taxes, and there are lot of search volume, but the content isn't well taught.

While many single member business owners are searching for alternative investment methods such as private funds, self directed investment and more. Solo 401K is an educational topic that is worth investing.

Maritime Attorney

This is similar to the car accident lawyer niche we have mentioned above. This one is for boats. This will be a great niche for anyone in the boat business to collect leads and write legal content to solve boat incidents.

Structured Settlement Annuity

Structured settlement annuitiy is an entry niche into the larger investing, retirement and tax businesses. This is a perfect niche to write educational content about different types of investment to fit individual needs and provide many advantages compared to other forms of investing.

Site owner can also create video and audio content to educate the audience.

Interactive Voice Response Installation

IVR stands for Interactive voice response. It's a customer phone experience integration that uses AI to answer phone calls, as well as program the call menus.

This is a good technical niche to get into for earning affiliate commissions on how to set up a business with IVR.

It can also be an entry point niche that lead to tons of business related products.

Garage Door Repair

This niche is best for any local contractors who want to demonstrate his/her skillsets on garage door repair online to generate leads. This can lead to bigger real estate property projects, local contracts and other affiliate earning.

Data Loss Prevention And Recovery

Data loss prevention and computer recovery is very technical, and a website like this can focus on odd keywords like computer error codes and solutions. The idea is to use these low competition keywords and lead to product solutions like data backup, cyber security and hardware repair products, which pay alot.

Low Interest Rate On Balance Transfer Credit Card

Credit card balance transfer is a huge market, but yet people still don't know everything about them. A site like this can focus on a simple calculator that shows what balance transfer can do, and lead to various balance transfer products, aka this is a backdoor into the credit card affiliate products.

This can also be an entry niche to finance topics, which lead to highest paying EMPV display ads and affiliate earnings.

Build Home Security

Home security is a huge niche that leads to many written and video content. Focus the site on safety, security cameras, structure design, home insurance, personal defense insurance and more. 

There are tons of products to sell including affiliate offers

Cell Phone To Landline Transfer

Cell phone to landline transfer is a key step for setting up a business, and this is a big market, but very uncompetitive. To start this niche, the content can focus on landline transfer, and then expand the content toward all phone voice related topics including IVR and other CRM related topics to earn ad higher earning ad clicks

Starting A Specific Blog

There are many different blogs you can start, and someone can make a specific site about how to start a XYZ blog, or how to start a XYZ business. 

All the helpful content on the site can lead to expensive and competitive web hosting clicks, domain buying clicks and other web tools related sales.

As the niche grows, it can open up the door to business training related products or affiliate products

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