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Content VS Copy – Differences Explained

"content" and "copy" are used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different types of writing. Content writing is focused on providing information, while copywriting is focused on persuasion. Here are their main differences in website content.

The difference between content and copy

Content typically refers to an informational article packed with meaningful details and visuals that create a narrative, while copy is any writing used with persuasion in mind; its primary purpose is to convince and inspire people to take a particular action (i.e. making a purchase).

Copy generally refers to copywriting in this context. It includes the most basic, logical, irresistable and writings that get people to take action (Subscribe, click, watch, download, sign up...etc). It can be the most concise wording on a page that lead the visitor to where you want them to go without distraction.

Sometimes unique content itself can do the selling without active persuasion such as an image that just sells without saying a word. On the other hand, some content need a couple well crafted sentences to give that extra emotional push to get the reader to take action or adopt a way of thinking.

Why you need both to market your business effectively

Whether you are a small business just getting started or an already established company, marketing plays an important role in the success of your business. You need both online and traditional marketing strategies to effectively promote your products or services.

Think about content as ways to build product and service awareness. The more content distributed about a topic or a product, the more people will learn about it either directly or indirectly. These content can be about:

  • Product comparison
  • Pros and cons
  • Instructional
  • Indirect use of a product or service
  • Podcast
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Production demo
  • Positive or negative press
  • Discussion
  • and many more

Copywriting can add favors to the content to accelerate visitors decision to engage. These are words that sell:

  • Addressing people's concern 
  • Content format that is easy to consume
  • Slogans that etch into people's head
  • Articulate what people are thinking about and do it better they can
  • Communicate more but say less
  • Use references to things people can relate to to describe a unfamiliar topic
  • Use of analogy
  • and many more

How to create compelling content and copy that actually work

The key to success is copywriting with purpose in mind; write with an impactful statement that grabs the attention of your target market right away. Cut down the junk that distract or confuse people.

As far as high quality content goes, there will be cost involved. Make sure that the information is accurate and relevant while still remaining concise. Don't just regurgitate the same information over and over again from other sources, but change it up a little bit by shifting the perspective of the topic.

Using unique images, irrefusable evidence, high end productions, and various topical context to make the content as original as possible. 

When all of these elements are put in place, the content will stand out and added copywriting will be more effective.

Be Hyper Focused On Market Intent

Make sure all content is focused on the target audience. The language used inside the content must match what the visitors actually care about. Most content may not nail it the first time, but it can go through multiple iterations to get it right based on data.

For example, if visitors want to buy something. The copy on the page should be as direct as possible to lead the visitor to a page where they can enter 

If visitors want more information about a product or service. The copy on the page should be more about providing helpful information instead of going for the sale.

If visitors want to compare something. The copy on the page should be about breaking down the differences between two things and present the most relevant information in the content.

Ultimately, how you write the content is how you control the user behavior on your website.

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