Content Writing vs Copywriting [Just Communicating Or To Sell?]

Content writing vs copywriting are two completely different things, but there are some overlaps that content writers should differentiate.

Content writing is more towards the bottom of the funnel content that builds brand awareness, and copywriting is more about writing words that get people to take action. They work hand in hand with each other.

Which Is Applicable? Copywriting or Content Writing

Depend on what type of audience your content is targeting and the format. Content writing is always the default way to create a successful content marketing funnel that draws people in. Copywriting is a part of the content writing process with the art of rewording things to get people to take action.

Content writing is about providing the visitor valuable information relative to their current level, and move them down the marketing funnel. Different content has different intent to satisfy users' intent. Content writers must understand this concept to create content that people care about and also get them to engage.

Copywriting is all about using the most basic English to communicate value and to get people to take action. It's a very important marketing strategy all content creators need to incorporate.

A copywriter's job is to create persuasive, attention-grabbing copy that will sell a product or service on blog posts and ad landing pages .

Examples Of Copywriting On Blog Posts

Copywriting messages are inside most content including videos if you pay attention to them. Their main goal is to simplify the message, and make it extremely easy to understand to take action on.

There are different types of copy including long form and short form. Their main goal is to walk a person though a process and get them to:

  • Buy something
  • Sign up for something
  • Subscribe to something
  • Apply for something
  • Download something

Copywriting makes money, even though most English literature professionals hate the way sales copy are written, but that's what works in the real world.

For example:

“Click on the link below to get a free copy of my book. On page 31, you will receive the instructions on how to do XYZ”

“Click here to download” 

“Click the bell to get notified when new videos are uploaded”

“Improve your credit score now”

“Download my 3 – step steak grilling process here”

“Use coupon code XYZ to save 10%”

There are many simple examples like this. These are basic copywriting call to action, and advertisement style messages that get people to buy or click, instead of using blocks of content that people are most likely to get skip.

Copywriting is simply: Words that sell

Examples of Content Writing

Content writing is all about presenting valuable information to the visitor to build brand awareness. Long form content for example requires sentences to be on point to grab the visitor's attention than to close the sale.

There are many content types required from the bottom of the funnel to middle part of the funnel that cover multiple touch points in a customer's buying journey, and a visitor can enter any of the touch points.

Some writing elements require more communicating than sales in content writing. So not everything in content writing is about closing the deal with punch punch jab approach.

The writer doesn't need to optimize every sentence on the page, but the writing should always have a clear intent and clearly communicate the content.

  • Lead the visitor to the next thing
  • Change their beliefs
  • Educating the visitor
  • Sell products

Here are different stages of content flow:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Purchase

The job of a “top of the funnel” content is to bring awareness to the visitor about a product, about a thing, about a service, about an event, or about a place. These topics include keywords like “What is XYZ”, “How does XYZ work”, “Is XYZ a thing?”…etc

Content creators usually group these keywords together in their marketing strategy to launch awareness campaign to promote ideas and products. Think of these content as recruiters standing outside someone and trying to get their interest before presenting the next thing to them.

Interest content writing – Interest oriented content is about taking new people further into the marketing funnel by showing them slightly more detailed information about the product or service.

These content generally contain detail specific keyword related to a product feature such as “Nvidia DLSS demo”, “Open emitter red dot sight”, ”

Consideration content – These type of content writing is more about comparing known products against other products the visitors have already discovered. In this stage of the content, the message is rarely about introducing what something is.

Instead, the content focus is more about zeroing in on what really matters to help the visitor make a decision. At this stage of the content, copywriting elements will appear to persuade the visitor, and the keywords people typically search for are:

A vs B comparison

Is product A a scam?

XYZ coupon code

How much does Product A cost?

buy product A

Product A deals

Intent – Intent oriented content writing is more about identifying what the visitor already want, and just present it to them. Typically these pages are very straightforward, and they directly ask for a sale.

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