4 Best Copymatic Alternative Software

Here are the 4 copymatic alternative software to generate AI-assisted content as well as a content brief outline.

Jasper AI

JasperAI is the most popular AI writing software that can be paired with SurferSEO to write SEO optimized content. Majority of content creators use JasperAI in the SEO communities, and this is a top software package.

The user can select the article template and give the AI simple writing directions such as topic focus, keyword, and tone of voice to start generating content fast.

In addition, JasperAI can help you rewrite sentences to make them more active and engaging such as automatically rewriting a passive voice sentence into an active voice format.


Closerscopy can create minimal viable content to help grow your website traffic at a fast rate. It can be used to write articles, blog posts, and social media content as well as product presentation scripts with ease!

Users can save on average 30 – 70 mins creating content with the help of the built-in SEO audit tool like SurferSEO along side Closercopy.

The software uses its own proprietary AI network, it’s known as one of the best rated AI writing algorithms to deliver quality content (with human tweaks). The software is used by thousands of business clients to craft marketing messages without previous copywriting experiences. The proprietary AI presents helpful wizard tools and templates to build your content with up to 127 language support.


Scalnut is a SEO supported AI writing tool that integrates with SEMRUSH and Copyscape to produce content that ranks and passes the plagiarism check. Of course the user has to be selective regarding which keywords to use that are most likely to beat the competition, but overall the Scalnut program will deliver what you request it to produce.

The built-in Cluster booster tool provides helpful keyword cluster info from Semrush, then it uses Scalenut’s proprietary algorithm to provide an overall keyword cluster difficult score before writing the content. This helps speed up the content creation process to build topical authority that leads to traffic.

Another feature called the Cruise Mode allows the client to enter a topic to write, then the AI will find all relevant H2 and FAQ subheadings for the user to choose from. This is literally doing the draft writing optimized for SEO before sending it to the AI writer or a human writer. When using JasperAI, the user still has to do his/her own research.

We still highly recommend the user to examine the content for accuracy before publishing.

Simplified AI

Simplified is a hybrid software between of JasperAI and Canva. One of the most impressive templates, “Before After Bridge” copy template allows the user to quickly craft a short form marketing message that clearly communicates how the product can benefit the users in simple words. This template alone is worth the money spent for small start-up companies and beginner copywriters to make their products and services convert.

This tool can be used to paraphrase well-written paragraphs from other formats based on the tone of voice selection, without losing its actual core message.

Simplified AI can also be used to draft cold email ads, YouTube content, and blogs. There are up to 50 templates to specifically craft marketing copy in 30+ languages.