Ezoic vs Mediavine – Which To Monetize Your Blogs

Your content website is getting a lot of traffic, and it's ready to monetize display ads. This guide will go over Ezoic vs Mediavine. 

Which one earns more? which one is easy to install? and what are the true ways to earn display ads.

Let's compare them in this guide:

What are Ezoic and Mediavine


Ezoic is an ad network that helps publishers improve their revenue and user experience. Ezoic works by optimizing ad placements on publisher websites in real-time using AI based on user engagement data without worry about anything other than delivering high quality content on every page!

Ezoic also provides tools to help publishers improve their sites for SEO and speed. ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, and is used by thousands of publishers around the world.

Ezoic's unique approach was made to support publishers in maximizing their ad monetization, site speed and user experience metrics by offering complete end-to-end technology systems which they do not need extra plugins or third party software for anymore because it has everything available within one platform!

Top Ezoic Applications

With Ezoic's invaluable insights about UX and revenue, site owners can create more profitable content. The app identifies why articles are engaging or high-earning… armed with this knowledge, our team is able to write better optimized copy for higher conversions!

  • Ezoic’s Ad Tester uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically test ad positions, sizes, and locations on your website to find the combination that improves user experience while also increasing ad revenue for publishers
  • Ezoic’s Mediation App allows publishers to connect all existing ad partners so they can compete against Ezoic’s own ad partners
  • Ezoic’s Leap Technology is a toolset that helps you improve the performance of your website by helping you find the causes of decreased speed and providing automated solutions to many of the most common problems

Ezoic Requirement

  • Ezoic has removed the pageview limit for new sign-ups, previously 10,000 monthly visits.
  • All content must be original, constructive and enticing to adhere to Google Adsense policy
  • All sites must be written in an AdSense-supported language
  • Very simple onboarding system


Mediavine is a content and ad management company that partners with over 25,000+ websites. Mediavine works with website owners to improve user experience and increase revenue through ads.

Mediavine lets all of these networks and partners compete with one another for advertising space on publisher websites. The better the website, the more advertisers are willing to bid on advertising space.

Mediavine also provides tools and resources for website owners to grow their businesses. Mediavine is a display ad network that pays bloggers to place their ads on websites. The potential earnings are high, the onboarding process guided with top-notch customer service and support in case you need it!

Mediavine's proprietary technologies help its publishers earn many times more than other programmatic advertising solutions. It does this through the use of advanced ad management tools, including header bidding and direct connections with advertisers on your behalf to ensure maximum ROI for you!

Top Mediavine Applications

Mediavine supports various CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

  • In content ads 
  • Mediavine is also officially a Google Certified Publishing Partner the same as Ezoic
  • Mediavine uses asynchronous and lazy-loading technology to display ads which improve page speed and increase overall user experience to more revenue for you as a publisher
  • Hands off approach to make ads appear on your blog
  • Custom ad layout including total control over how many ads to show just like Ezoic

Mediavine Requirement

  • Mediavine requires that your website have received 50,000 sessions in the past 30 days, as measured by Google Analytics.
  • Long form content required
  • This traffic requirement is probably the biggest barrier of entry for most starting bloggers.
  • Mediavine offers some of the highest RPMs in the display ad management industry (but depend on the topics)

Which Ad Platform Earns More

Many people ask the question between Ezoic and Mediavine.

The main metric to focus is EMPV. 

EPMV stands for earnings per thousand views (1000). This is lets website owners get a good sense of how much they would make at each level of traffic. And it's a metric easy for people to follow.

EMPV varies regardless using Ezoic or Mediavine. A good EMPV in the right niche can earn up to $50 or $60 per 1000 pageviews (Such as finance related topics). A low paying niche done poorly can can earn almost nothing (such as scale model airplanes).

Ezoic Premium program costs $25/month to allow approved sites to access premium ads that earn far more than the average ads. However, the topic on the site has to be on point, with the right approach to earn more.

In addition, these elements are still very important to earn more:

  • Traffic quality
  • Traffic intent
  • Does the on page topic trigger expensive ads?

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