How To Add Bullet Points In Word

Here is how to add bullet points in word that condense long-form content into consumable chunks.

Adding bullet points in Word is very easy. However, writing bullet points well is what people can take away  from this article.

Simple click on the "bullet" icon and start typing.

Super easy!

Next, the writer needs to write consumable chunk bullet points that isn't too long nor confusing to read. This is about learning how to paraphrase information clearly, and strip out the key info and get rid of the rest.

Numbers or bullets?

Use numbered list for items to take place in a specific order.

Using Bullet Points In Engaging Web Content

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Making website content and copywriting script more readable to retain audiences. This means organizing it in a way that is easy to follow and highlights important information that lead to them taking action. 

One helpful way to do this is to use simple bullet points.

Bullet Point Writing Tips

Bullet points show that you know how to be brief and get straight to the point. You need to make sure every point is important and will have an impact.

Mistakes to avoid



Here are some tips for writing great bullet points:

Attention Grabbing Sentences

  • Keep bullet points for your article concise and grab readers' attention
  • Frontload it with bulleted items that make compelling promises
  • Use powerful action verbs in present tense to describe action and results

Concise Bullet Writing Structure

  • Highlight the most crucial elements of your content without any fluff
  • Write bullet points with the text that precedes it to make sure each one is parallel and makes sense as a sentence
  • Make each point related in some way so that all the ideas build onto one another

Grammar Consistency

  • It is important to use the same type of sentence for each bullet point. For example, if you start one bullet point with an adjective, make sure all of the bullet points start with an adjective. This will make your writing sound more consistent
  • If the text before your list is a complete sentence, end it with a colon. If it is not a complete sentence, do not use a colon and start the list directly

Less Is More

  • Not to include too many bullet points or overwhelm with intricate formatting - instead aim for short outlines with bolded text and end with a single sentence explanation

Try Jasper AI 's content summarizer tool to turn paragraph blocks into concise bullet points

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