How To Create Website Content Outline The Fastest Ways

Here are a few ways to outline content before outsourcing.

These are the fastest blog post outline methods content websites from small to big are implementing to be super-efficient without gathering info on the web for hours.

Use SurfSEO chrome plugin (FREE)

SurfSEO offers a completely free chrome plugin that allows the user to generate a content outline for a specific keyword in just a few seconds.

Simply search the keyword you want to target on the Google search bar, and then hit generate an outline.

This free tool will gather relevant subheadings into the content brief to start writing. The only complaint we have about the SurfSEO chrome plugin is that it sometimes puts random subheadings onto the content brief, so supervision is required before issuing the content brief to writers or AI writing software.

Use Copymatic To Generate Blog Outline

Copymatic is a rock-solid AI writing tool used to create marketing messages and sales copy. Another feature this tool has is the ability to generate blog outline templates like JasperAI and SurfSEO.

The accuracy of the subheadings is fairly good. Sometimes, a few edits are required so that the content brief makes sense. Overall, this is another great tool to use.

Use SEMRUSH Content Template

The SEMRUSH SEO content template is the engine behind many high-profile content websites like Forbes, The Motley Fool, Investopedia, and many more.

This feature of the tool allows the SEO person to target a keyword and automatically generate the content brief by identifying what’s already on the top 10 results on the search engine.

Then it compiles the target keyword, H1, H2, or H3 from these data into a content brief. This method is extremely fast and easy to create a minimal viable content outline before passing them to the writer.

Don’t worry too much about the topic coverage 100% right the first time. Try to get the ranking on the search engine started, then wait for future edits based on keywords ranking.



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