How To Make 1000 a Day With Blogging

Blogging can definitely lead to big money if done right. In this article, let's discuss how to make $1000 a day with blogging the right way.

The right way means a full understanding of how does the display ad network work, SEO basics, niche selection pitfalls to avoid and the right content strategies.

5 Main Ways Blogs Make Money

  • Affiliate products and services
  • Cost Per Click affiliate offers
  • Display ads 
  • Selling ad space
  • Search arbitrage (lead visitors from something generic to something profitable)

Steps To Make $1000 Per Day Blogging

What NOT To Do:

  • Do not writing articles aimlessly without search data or clear purposes
  • Aiming for super competitive keywords without SEO knowledge
  • Totally rely on display ads to make all the income that requires tons of articles
  • Underestimate low search volume keywords, and don't see the value of some generic keywords
  • Hyper focused on word count without fully understanding user experience, match intent or marketing fundamentals
  • Starting a new domain - Makes SEO extremely difficult and time consuming

What To Do Instead:

  • Build the niche on an expired domain for huge time saving
  • Proper niche selection by examining PPC data first
  • Blogs that are inherently about expensive topics trigger expensive ads to show
  • Treat display ads as supplement to the main revenue source
  • Each article must have clear intent and ways to monetize
  • Rank hard keywords on places like Medium or Press Release sites that your site can't rank yet
  • Implement basic SEO to rank more keywords

Steps Leading To Making $1000 Per Day Blogging

Making $1000 per day blogging is definitely doable, but it will take time. The income for such blog comes from affiliate products and display ad clicks.

Get The Right Niche - Super Important

The right niche can generate a lot more revenue than some niches. Not all niches are created the same, and we MUST understand this part before committing into blogging that topic.

We can logically decide which niche to go for by examining the the cost per click data first. High CPC keywords will trigger expensive display ads on your blog. Even if the click through rate is low, the high CPC data also shows that this XYZ niche has deep pockets in other areas.

For example,

  • Niches like finance and credit card will generate so much display ads money than something like cooking recipes. 

However, in a niche like cooking recipes where most people want free stuff, the money can be made if the website redirect visitors to high paying content such as weight loss programs, kitchen essentials and other related topics.  Some will be a direct hit, and some will be close, and some will be a hell marry approach.

Create Valuable Content

Valuable content is subjective to the person consuming the content. Value content just means people find it useful. 

It can be as simple as:

  • Providing clear instruction
  • Reformat content to make it visually easy to scan
  • Show pictures 
  • Show a download link that others can't find
  • Consolidate a research
  • Clear and concise writing 
  • Organized list of things other blogs don't have

These blog post can be as long as a few words, and they will rank. Not everything on the search engine has to be long form content.

Lead Visitors To Where You Want Them To Go

Always use the content to lead the visitor to where you want them to go, and make it clear and simple. 

Here are a couple tips to implement:

  • Clear concise writing from top to bottom
  • Create every article with a clear intent (Intent to sell, intent to redirect to other topics, intent to download, intent to subscribe, intent to watch...etc)
  • Use a sentence rewrite tool to simplify long winded paragraphs
  • Use visible Call To Action button
  • Make banner ads look like part of the content to increase CTR

Skip The Search Engine Sandbox By Leveraging Expired Domain

Building up a brand new website can be done, but it takes too long because a brand new site hasn't yet received trust from the search engine.

Seasoned bloggers and SEO professionals highly recommend starting your blog on an expired domain, so the site can index and rank much faster.

This is the difference between picking up an aged domain website vs waiting 16 months until the search engine sandbox period is passed.

Time is money!

We highly recommend buying a expired domain from Odys, Flippa, Go Daddy domain auction, spamzilla

What To Do - If You're Making Under $1000 A Day

If your blog is already profitable, but not close to making $1000 a day. Here are somethings to consider:

  • Repurpose every content to be intent focused (Means every content piece must lead to a call to action)
  • Add elements to the page that helps the visitor find exactly what they are looking for even if the content itself is generic. (treat these pages as entry points to other stuff)
  • Replace visual ads with text only ads that matches the layout of the content to increase CTR
  • Examine if your content ranks for keyword that triggers expensive ads? If not this can be an issue
  • Having 700+ articles doesn't guarantee the site will make money if there is a lot of waste. 
  • SEO audit, optimize keyword ranking, 
  • Add internal links to improve traffic flow on the site, and build topical relevance to rank better on the search engine
  • Find higher affiliate products and CPA offers

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