How To Summarize An Article [For Online Content]

This guide goes over how to summarize an article on a website that gets people the most valuable information and gets visitors to take action.

How To Write The Best Web Content Summary

Writing a summary is about giving a concise overview of the information in your own words. It can be as short as just a couple of bullet points instead of using paragraphs.

If the summary is in paragraph form, the writing should be clear to the point, and it should never repeat literally the same thing already covered in the content.

The best type of summary for website content should include a call to action message that lead to a different piece of content that can explain further, subscribing to an email list, or buying a product.

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What to do

  • Bullet points do a way better job at summarizing than paragraphs
  • Identify key points and say them in a different way
  • State important facts
  • Include a call to action such as “read more”

What not to do

  • Repeat the same thing from the original content
  • Not doing items listed above

When Is A Summary Required

A summary is generally required for content that packs a lot of details such as research, testing, comparison, pros and cons, nuance points, hypothesis, conceptual ideas…etc

The main goal of a summary is to provide a clear understanding of the original source using the simplest language.

Content like product review should have a short summary going over who needs it, what problem it solves, and if the product is actually any better than other products.

Just get to the bottom line!

When Is A Summary Not Required

Many website contents actually do not need a summary, because some content articles are extremely easy to Skim and comprehend without a summary. On top of that, most people generally scan through the page to extract the information they want, and people’s attention span is very short.

Any bullet points that cover the main points in bold can be easily seen on the page, and people love looking at those content.

If the in-body content already contains information that stands out to the eyes, such as bullet points or engaging visual illustrations. Having a summary repeating the same thing is completely unnecessary.

For example: List article showcasing the best 14 XYZ products really doesn’t need a summary.



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