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How To Use LSI Keywords In Your Content

In this guide let's go over how to use LSI keywords in your content to build stronger relevance to rank on the search engine.

We will cover:

  • What is LSI keyword
  • How to find LSI keywords
  • How to eliminate irrelevant LSI keywords
  • How to sprinkle them across the content

LSI Keyword Defined

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are words that are related to your main keyword. They help give more information to the search engines and users. An LSI keyword is a keyword that is closely related to your primary keyword.

LSI technology is used to help figure out what a text is about. The extra words that provide context to the main keywords are called LSI keywords. They help Google understand the correct meaning of a topic. LSI keywords also allow Google to improve the match between what people search for and what they find in the search results.

  • LSI keywords help to improve the content by making it more related to the topic. Using LSI keywords makes the content stronger and more understandable.
  • LSI keywords also help Google understand the context of content better.
  • LSI keywords can also further define the intent of the searcher

For example: LSI keywords for "car oil change" can be:

  • best car shop
  • synthetic oil change
  • 05W20 performance
  • car dealership near me

How To Find LSI Keywords

The best way to find LSI keywords are to use some keyword tools.

Here are our favorites:




Keyword Everywhere


Keyword Chef

Google related searches

Google auto suggest

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How To Eliminate Irrelevant LSI Keywords

Yes, there is a such thing with irrelevant LSI keywords, and the writer needs to know how to filter them out.

Most LSI keywords are words and phrases that are closely related to your main keyword. So, using synonyms in your posts can help improve your article’s on-page SEO. However, synonyms aren’t LSI keywords.

For example, a synonym for the word “car” would be “truck”. However, LSI keywords for “truck” would include words like: reversible, battery, seat belt, tires, alternator, timing belt, horsepower and so on.

How To Sprinkle LSI Keywords Across The Content

Think about adding LSI keywords the same way you would with related keywords.

There are couple key places LSI keywords should go:

  • H2, H3 and H4 heading -  The search engine like Google pays special attention when crawling the headers of pages. LSI keywords may then help you decide how to break your content into smaller sections.
  • Anchor text
  • Image ALT tag
  • Key content sections

The key is to sprinkle LSI keywords! not excessive.

How Many LSI Keywords To Use

There isn't a set number of keywords you should use.

A good rule of thumb is to maintain a 2-to-1 ratio of LSI keywords to your main keywords only if they are relevant and get the point across in the same paragraph of the keyword they are supporting, as this will help provide more context of your primary keyword to Google.

Do not add excessive words just for the search engine to rank, also be thinking about the reader.

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