How To Write a Bio About Yourself For Website

Are you looking to write a professional website bio but don't know where to start? Many single member website owners struggle with this task, because they want to make a good impression but don't know what to say.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to write a website bio that build trust and presents your business the best.

Elements To Include In A Personal Bio

  • Full name
  • Picture
  • Location
  • Exactly what your role is, and use an adjustive to best describe it
  • Use metaphor to communicate more with fewer words
  • Showing the most relevant skills instead of telling
  • Call to action (So visitors can see more of your content)
  • Social media links

How To Write A Short Professional Bio

When introducing yourself in three sentences or less, make sure to be concise and impactful. Use those brief moments of introduction wisely by using:

  • 3 sentences bio
  • First person bio
  • Third person bio

People tend to skim through paragraphs, so make your text font and specific words pop on the page

3 Sentences Bio

This bio format works very well for a website because it's optimized to clearly communicate who someone can do, and get visitors more into the works of this person.

  • Who you are
  • What you can do (Action > results)
  • Offers something free to find out more

Example 1:

"Person XYZ is a professional CPA to help clients saving more taxes. Get your free 7 Part Tax Planning Strategies for S Corp Owners, and learn how to save tax on cruise mode"

In 2 sentences, this bio explains what person XYZ do (tax planning), Where to download the guide, and the main benefits of the guide that people care about after downloading.

Example 2:

"Person ABC is a veteran enterprise level SEO professional that specializes in getting difficult outreach backlinks. He has worked on various projects including A, B and C. Download his free 30-Day SEO Outreach Plan here to model what he did to skyrocket a website's topical authority"

In 3 sentences, this bio explains what person XYZ do the best (backlinks), Projects he worked on that shows his credibility. Where to download the guide that can help users who care about getting backlinks.

First person Bio

When you write a first-person bio, use "I" or "me" statements to make yourself sound more approachable. Only include useful facts that 


"I’m a professional video editor for the most popular YouTube Channel XYZ. In the past, I’ve worked with companies to optimize video watch time that made millions. I can teach you what I know with this free 8 steps video editing guide for YouTube"

In 3 sentences, this bio introduces who the person is associated with and what he can do. Then he invites visitors to check out what he offers

Third Person Bio

Third-person bios can be more effective in formal situations, and for the most part it sounds more like a testimonial.

A third person bio can sound like someone else vouching for you. A professional bio often emphasizes a person's skills and authority, but please don't make it overly formal or polished. 


"Person XYZ is such a great real estate agent who helped me to do XYZ. He is fast and organized from submitting the contract to final closing. He is definitely the person to work with for first time home buyers.

A bio like this often highlight a specific area others have experienced with this person. This means that your text should include relevant details that only targeted people would know or care about. 

Things To Avoid In A Bio

The worst bios on websites is to go on about irrelevant information that visitors just don't care. These things include:

  • Long winded personality descriptions
  • Personal hobbies that aren't related to the niche
  • Identify as mother, father, animal lovers and things that aren't relevant to the context of your bio and businesses
  • Overly explained personal achievements that have nothing to do with the business
  • Overly shared passions and goals
  • Irrelevant work history
  • Irrelevant association with certain groups of people, even celebrities that aren't related to their niche audiences
  • Not tailor the writing to fit their niche audiences 

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