[6 Tips] How To Write A Blog Post Fast – End Writer’s Block

Are you building a huge content business and want important keywords to rank on the search engine? Here are 4 proven ways to create content faster.

Please keep in mind that speed should never compromise the quality of your content. Let’s check out these 5 ways below:

Outsource Content

Outsourcing content writing to an expert writer is the fastest way to create quality content by far. It’s also a way to scale your content at a faster rate while you can focus on other important tasks to run your business.

Before sending the assignment to a writer, the most important thing is to find the right person to create the content and provide them an outline to follow.

Most freelance writers can get the job done, but their main focus is to earn money, not to think harder about the content if they don’t have to.

So your job is to create an outline (content brief) including desired keywords, word count, and clear instructions to help the writer to get started by doing the grunt work for them.

The biggest challenges in creating written content in a one-person business are:

  • May not know everything
  • Burn out
  • Researching topics and data may take longer if inexperienced in that field
  • Time-consuming

Convert Audio Content Into Written Content

Are you a good speaker than a writer?

Transcribing what you say on recording into written content is a proven way to repurpose the content – This is a two bird one stone approach to content creation!

Some visitors enjoy watching videos, some enjoy listening to podcasts, and some enjoy reading. One of the best tips in the content industry is to convert existing video or audio content into text format.

This can be easily done with transcription software like MURF.ai or DescriptAI.

Once the transcription is done. Format the article in ways that is easy for the eyes to scan, and only present the most important information.

Use SurferSEO

SurferSEO is a keyword optimization software to help content rank better on the search engine. This is a great tool to help content creators to draft the articles to write with a keyword assistant.

The keyword assistant will remind the writers to include important keywords, NLP, and keyword frequency to optimize on-page SEO.

Another great feature SurferSEO has is the ability to analyze the competition based on a keyword. These analysis data advise the writer to either add more keywords, delete keywords, add more content, or remove irrelevant content that could hurt your search engine rankings

Use JasperAI

Jasper AI is an AI writing software to help publishers to write faster. Yes, it can be very fast when relying on AI, but the quality can be compromised if using it incorrectly.

Most writers experience writer’s block or Impostor syndrome from time to time, and JasperAI can help push through procrastination and save time when the writer feels stuck.

In order to speed up content writing with JasperAI, the content creator must understand that an AI writing tool is supposed to assist the writing, but not do everything for you.

It can’t always provide the most accurate information or context for your content, but it will provide content ideation

To use it correctly

Note: Never let AI write 100% of the content

  • Use content improver to paraphrase a sentence
  • Use AI to create minimal viable content and combine it with human writing to rank on the search engine
  • Use sentence expander to generate ideas, then add some human touch to it
  • Use blog idea outliner to generate subheadings that may take you hours to research
  • Use explain to a child feature to simplify what you have to say
  • Don’t rely on AI for opinionated topics

Use Answerthepublic

Answerthepublic is a tool to expand a seed keyword into various keyword phrases. This is a great idea to quickly generate topic ideas to create content on, and it also provides an overall picture on what the niche topic covers.

Use Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the best keyword tool in the industry to research keywords and competitions before you start writing content. If you’re using the search engine to rank your content, it’s extremely important to make content decisions based on the data to get traffic to your blog.

One of the common problems website content has is going after keywords that no one is searching for, or they are too competitive to rank – Which leads to huge time waste.

In order to get the most out of your content, it’s important to ensure it contains keywords that your website can actually compete with right now.  Ahrefs can analyze websites with different domain authorities and show you the keywords they are ranking for, and you can go after the low competition keywords they are using and compete.







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