Is AI Writing Good [Pros & Cons]

Is AI writing good?

AI content quality can be amazing based on the topics' complexity level, and how the human user sets the writing guidelines.

In this article, let's discuss the pros and cons of AI writing.


AI writing can help eliminate writer's block by coming up with fast ideas, then the human user can make some additional changes. The AI content writing quality is subjective based on who is reading the content.

  • AI writing provides an editable version of the content
  • AI writing provides a super fast minimal viable content before editing
  • AI writing software can get generic content done faster than writing them yourself
  • AI can mimic the writing styles of human writers and reduces mental exhaustion or burnout


Even though AI writing software is very convenient for mass content producers, but it still lacks a bit of human touch depend on the complexity of the topic.

  • AI writing may lack authentic human emotion and nuances of human language.
  • AI can't properly produce or understand sarcasm, and it often interpret it as a direct contradiction
  • Creativity is limited and can't curate anything unique. Sometimes flat out weird, and completely out of context
  • AI can't provide accurate data or statistics period
  • High complexity content such as "Fixing the Y branch connector on a solar panel" is something AI has no idea how to write or be technically correct
  • AI can't write accurate legal or medical advice that involve a little bit more facts and critical thinking

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