17 Best Nonfiction Writing Prompts

Here are 17 best nonfiction writing prompts content creators can leverage to craft a storyline. These prompts only work for craft a small part of the script writing process.

Check out these prompts when using ChatGPT or include them in your content brief when outsourcing the content


  • Write a memoir about your experience growing up in a cult, starting with how you became involved and ending with your decision to leave and the aftermath of your departure.
  • Investigative Journalism

    • Investigate the impact of technology on modern relationships, examining how it has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other.
    • Investigate the history of a particular subculture or movement, exploring its origins, evolution, and lasting impact on society.
    • Investigate the history of a particular food or cuisine, exploring its cultural significance and how it has evolved over time.
    • Investigate the science behind a particular psychological phenomenon, such as memory or perception, and explore its practical implications.
    • Investigate the history of a particular art form, exploring its cultural significance and how it has evolved over time, and offer insights into its future.

    Self Help

    • Share your experience of overcoming a major fear or phobia, including how it impacted your life and the steps you took to conquer it.
    • Write a guide to sustainable living, providing practical tips on reducing waste, conserving resources, and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
    • Share your experience of traveling solo, including the lessons you learned, the people you met, and the places you visited.
    • Write a guide to building healthy relationships, providing advice on communication, conflict resolution, and building trust.
    • Write a guide to personal finance, providing practical advice on budgeting, investing, and saving for the future.


    Write a biography of a lesser-known historical figure, shedding light on their contributions to society and the impact they had on their time period.


  • "You've always had a passion for baking, but never thought it could be a viable career. That all changed when a close friend convinced you to start your own bakery. Write about your journey to entrepreneurship, from developing your business plan to opening your first storefront."
  • "After years of working in a corporate office, you've decided to take the leap and start your own consulting business. Write about the challenges you faced in leaving the security of your job, and the strategies you used to build a successful business from scratch."
  • "You've always been an avid fitness enthusiast, and decided to turn your passion into a business by opening a gym. Write about the highs and lows of starting your own fitness empire, from securing funding to attracting your first clients."
  • Social commentary

    • Write a guide to navigating a particular industry, sharing your insider knowledge and providing tips for success.
    • Share your experience of volunteering or working with a particular charity or cause, including the impact it had on your life and the lessons you learned from it.

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