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8 Tips For Fix Grammatically Incorrect Sentences [For Website Copy]

Here are 8 tips to fix grammatically incorrect sentences for website content to rank better on the search engine, and of course making them much more readable to convert visitors.

Use a grammar checker 

There are many grammar checkers available online and as a part of word processing software that can help you identify and fix grammatical errors in your writing.

For example, the Grammarly app offers real-time feedback on punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. It also offers suggestions for alternative phrasing and structure to help make your writing more effective.

Learn your grammar rules 

Familiarize yourself with the basic rules of English grammar, such as subject-verb agreement, proper verb tense, and correct use of punctuation. This will help you catch and correct errors in your writing before proofreading.

A Grammar checking tool can help as you write. However, it can be a crutch if you the writer is missing some fundamental English writing skills.

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Read your writing out loud 

Reading your writing out loud can help you catch errors that you might not notice when reading silently. Pay attention to how the words sound and whether they flow smoothly together. A text to speech read to me software can do that for you easily and you just listen.

A Grammar checking tool can help if you're the only editor working, but sometimes it still doesn't perfectly catch awkward sentences with bad grammar with the right context.

If you're using an AI writing tool to assist your writing, always make sure to read it out loud yourself to ensure accuracy. 

Have someone else proofread your writing

Having someone else review your writing can be beneficial as they may catch errors that you or a grammar checking tool may have missed. It's especially useful if the person has a strong understanding of grammar and the language you are writing in.

However, not all proofreaders may be suitable for your website content, as they may not have an understanding of copywriting and internet marketing. It's important to find a proofreader who has a good understanding of both grammar and the specific style of writing needed for your website content.

Use a writing style guide

A style guide is like a set of rules for writing and editing. It helps you make sure your writing is the same all the time. It can also help you avoid making common mistakes when you write. You can use it as a way to learn how to write for websites and sales.

It's not too different from normal writing, but it can help make your writing more interesting and make people want to buy things.

  • Associated Press (AP) Stylebook: This style guide is widely used in journalism and is known for its concise and straightforward writing style.
  • The Elements of Style: Written by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, this classic style guide is a useful resource for writers looking to improve their grammar and style.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style: This style guide is commonly used in the publishing industry and covers a wide range of topics, including citation style, punctuation, and formatting.
  • The Oxford Style Manual: This style guide is used by many academic institutions and is known for its detailed coverage of academic writing style.
  • The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage: This style guide is used by the New York Times and covers a wide range of topics, including punctuation, grammar, and usage.

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Use active voice

Using active voice in your website writing can make it more engaging and easier to understand. In fact, active voice is preferred in most copywriting content to be more direct. 

In active voice, the subject of the sentence is doing the action. In passive voice, the subject of the sentence is being acted upon.

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Change up sentence structure

Using a mix of short and long sentences can help make your writing more interesting and easier to read. Varying the length and structure of your sentences can also help keep your reader's attention.

Break up the sentences into consumable chunks for website content is a smart thing to do and the right thing to do. No one wants to read a giant blocks of text.

We can do this by highlighting important parts, bold words, italicized characters, change text color to draw attention, use powerful verbs and much more.

Take breaks

If you have been writing for a long time, take a break and come back to your work with fresh eyes. This can help you catch errors that you might have overlooked before.

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