[7 Tips] Using AI Writing Tools The Right Way

This guide will go over 8 tips to use AI writing tools the right way to ensure the content makes sense and accurate.

AI writing software is absolutely mind blowing for eliminating writer’s block when creating content and ad scripts. However, they are not a crutch especially for building a content business.

Tip 1 – Never expect the AI to write like Human completely

Copy and paste AI written content blindly is a horrible idea. Do not trust the AI to write expert level content on its own without checking its accuracy. No matter how smart the tool gets, it cannot replicate the knowledge from someone who actually knows their stuff.

Often times, the words and phrases AI use sound awkward and out of context.

It’s highly recommended to use AI to only write sections of the text when the human writer felt stuck and needs the AI to prompt some ideas.

Tip 2- Use AI writing tool to paraphrase sentences

Whether you are trying to write a better piece of content or wanting to reference other content. AI is a great tool to paraphrase sentences in your article. It’s recommended to paraphrase a small section of text than doing them in chunks.

Of course, the accuracy must be checked to ensure the message remains the same without AI adding weird sentences or bad grammar in the text.

Tip 3 – Proofread AI Content Thoroughly

Double check every sentence written by AI for grammar mistakes or misleading info. The rule of thumb is: If no real person ever talks like that, then it’s probably bad AI writing.

It’s common for AI to write sentences that may sound awkward or completely out of context. It’s the users’ responsibility to proofread the content before combining it to human written content.

Tip 4 – Never rely on AI to give opinions

AI written opinions are inherently not accurate to most human readers. It’s important for all AI writing tool users to understand not to command the AI to indiscriminately state facts or opinions.

It’s content writer’s responsibility to write honest content on product review, news report, product comparison, medical advice and other topics.

In addition, most search engine including Google is striking down on poor AI written content that are clearly generated to game the keyword ranking system.

Tip 5 – Don’t expect technical content from AI

AI may able to gather technical data from the web, but the accuracy may vary based on the topics. For example, the user should never expect the AI to write about the complexity of the stock market, or expect the AI to write complex scientific research paper without human guidance.

Tip 6 – Use AI writing tool to expand sentences

JasperAI features sentence expander and content improver apps. These applications help writers to overcome writers’ block and prompt new ideas to write the content.

Tip 7 – Use AI to create general content outline

AI software may not provide the most accurate writing, but it can do a great job at coming up with headlines to draft an article super fast. If you every get stuck not knowing what to write. AI can help you speed up that process with a little bit of subheading vetting process.

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