Who vs. Whom – Grammar Tips

Struggling with the correct usage of "who vs. whom"? This article will break down the grammar rules and offer writing tools that will help you use these words correctly,

When To Use "Who"

"Who" is a word that we use when we want to know the name of a person or people. It's kind of like asking "who is that?" or "who are they?".

It's important to remember that "who" is used to ask about people, and not things or animals. For example, "who is your favorite animal?" is not correct, it should be "what is your favorite animal?"

Here Are Some Simple Examples:

  • She asked me who I wanted to invite to the party.
  • The company is looking for a candidate who has at least five years of experience in the field.
  • The book is about a girl who goes on an adventure.
  • Who is the teacher for math class?
  • I don't know who broke the vase.
  • First, we will have a meeting, then we will break for lunch.
  • I woke up early, then I went for a run.

When To Use "Whom"

"Whom" is a word that we use to ask or talk about people in a formal or polite way. It's like using "please" or "thank you" when you speak to someone. It's used when you want to know who someone is talking to or doing something for.

Here are a few examples:

  • Whom are you writing to?
  • Whom did you invite?
  • Whom did you call?
  • I was wondering to whom I should address my complaint.
  • The committee has not yet decided to whom the award should be given.
  • The detective is trying to figure out to whom the stolen item was sold.
  • The company is looking for a candidate whom has at least five years of experience in the field.

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