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Jasper AI - Eliminates Writer's Block

AI assisted writing can help speed up content writing time, and publish more content

Jasper is a well-known AI in the content writing world with tons of templates to choose from including PAS and BAB copywriting framework. 

Professional writers use Jasper to assist writing when experiencing writer's block

Writing quality gets as real as the human user sets  the guideline

Rewrite sentences to make it your own

Jasper writes creative and original content, making it the perfect tool for the job including ad writing

SurferSEO - Improves On Page SEO As You Write

All important SEO elements are reminded to you as you write in real time

SurferSEO is the top on page SEO tool that all article writers should try while writing content

It helps optimizing on page SEO based on comparing your content to the latest SERP data including word count, H2 title tags, images and more

Suggests keyword and what to do base on recommended real time SERP analysis

Integrates with Jasper AI to create AI assisted writing while optimizing on page SEO

Keyword Chef - Find Specific Keywords Other Tools Can't

Find unique and weird keywords that have never came across your mind, but you exactly what to do with them once found

Keyword chef is a great keyword research tool that spits out very useful and odd long tail keywords that others are searching for, but these words just don't show up on tools like SEMRUSH, Ahrefs or Autosuggest.

Think about how much search engine traffic you're missing without using Keyword Chef!

keyword chef data

Wildcard functionality helps fill in the blank to generate unique keywords you have never thought about, and rank for adjacent keywords as well.

Grammarly - Your Personal Real Time Proofreader

Grammarly is the most popular and best AI content writing tool that focuses on rewrite and spelling checks

It is most heavily used in academics, by bloggers, influencers, and content writers.

The Basic grammar-checking feature is free, but a more advanced version with plagiarism checking costs $12/month 

Grammarly can be installed on any device, including phones.

Hemingway Editor - It's Free To Use, and It's Good

This free sentence editor is people's favorite. Just paste in the paragraphs and make changes based on what's shown on the screen.

Reading grade level editor helps improve content quality to match your intended audience

It's Free

Scalenut - Creates Outline Fast

Scalnut is a SEO-supported AI writing tool that integrates with SEMRUSH and Copyscape to create fast outline, fast content and fast advertising copy

The cluster booster tool that provides helpful keyword cluster info from Semrush, so the writer can organize per article based on super relevant keyword sets

Scalenut’s proprietary algorithm can provide an overall keyword cluster difficult score that a new website can target right away while focusing on one specific topic cluster to build SEO relevance.

The Cruise Mode feature allows the client to enter a topic to write, then the AI will find all relevant H2 and FAQ subheadings for the user to choose from. This is super helpful when outsourcing content to human writers

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