What is an article writer tool?

Being a rewriter is not as easy as it may seem. In order to write a unique text based on the source materials, one should know the grammar and vocabulary, have a large vocabulary and be able to replace words without changing the original meaning.

Why use article writer tool?

Do you know that:

  • rewriting is the best way to use your skills in copying texts, reformulating materials and a great opportunity to replenish your vocabulary, thereby becoming a more erudite and able-bodied person;
  • rewriting is the presence of free time and the absence of a schedule;
  • being an assiduous and good rewriter, you can change your level for the better and get more orders;
  • You can work as a rewriter on freelance work - at home, in a cozy atmosphere, with a cup of tea or coffee, as well as wherever you are;
  • by rewriting texts you can earn decent amounts.

How does article writer tool work?

Rewrite program is a synonymizer program which allows you to paraphrase words in the sentences without changing the original meaning. This is a synonymizer program that allows you to change words without changing the meaning of sentences.

Benefits of using an article writer tool


  • + high quality selection of synonyms;
  • + selection of a specific template;
  • + the ability to work both online and offline;
  • + the ability to work with large texts;
  • + free use.

As we can see, this program is optimized for permanent use and has a huge number of functions that will interest every rewriter!


How to use our service?

How to use our service properly:

  1. Go to Small Seo Tools
  2. Paste your content. You can also use a document.
  3. Click on “Re-write Article”.
  4. After that you can notice suggested edits.
  5. If you are satisfied with the results click on “Next”.

How to choose best article writer tool?

The quality of the text made by the rewriting method is determined not only by the requirements of the search programs, but also by the logic itself. Still, rewrite, like any text on the Internet, is written for people, because they will read it.

There are several criteria by which content is evaluated.

  • Uniqueness. Although it is difficult to achieve 100% uniqueness of a rewrite, we must strive for this.
  • The text is 100% unique!
  • Literacy. This criterion shows not only the level of education of the writer, but also his attitude to readers. Respecting them (and himself), the author will not make gross spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors in his text.
  • Compliance with the topic. This is a general requirement for network content — the test should fully disclose the topic stated in the title.
  • Lack of one’s own opinion, ideas, ratings. This is a specific requirement, which is presented specifically to rewrite.
  • Maximum low water level. It is necessary to avoid phrases and words that do not carry a semantic load in the text. In rewriting, getting rid of them is more difficult, since they are often used to uniquely text.
  • A clear structure of the text: the division into semantic parts, subtitles of different levels (h3, h4, h5), lists, quotes.
  • Of course, not all rewrites on the network can boast of high marks on these criteria. Therefore, several types of this content are distinguished depending on the level of its quality.

Advantages of using our service.

Recall that the main methods of rewriting are replacing words with synonyms that are meaningful, rearranging words in a sentence, reducing the volume of the original text, translating direct speech into indirect and vice versa, moving sentences and paragraphs, and many other tricky tricks.

However, the era of computers can facilitate the workflow and engage in rewriting with the help of certain auxiliary programs, they are also called synonymizers. There are a lot of such programs, each with its own pros and cons; they may or may not be suitable in various situations. We offer for consideration the most, in our opinion, optimal options. And which of the following programs will help create high-quality texts - only you can choose!

This is a universal program that simplifies rewriting process.


  • + indicates the amount of time spent writing an article;
  • + indicates the number of characters with spaces and without;
  • + fixing the number of words.

The following functions are available in the paid version of the program: you can find similar words, compare text with the original one, change the color of windows and font size.

User reviews


I searched for a long time to find the best tool for rewriting my sentence, and this is the best. So, you are advised to check this out. Here are some benefits you can take from:


opying and pasting is considered a very old school and leads to plagiarism. Indeed, it is necessary to adjust the content in connection with the reformulation so that there are not all the keys that need to be copied from another source. In addition, the content search structure of an Internet search engine cannot detect fakes and bill for duplication in order to have its own content on its own website.

Why is it worth using such a tool?

It is not important to use this reformulation service if you have incredibly created it and know how to revise an important article. This is a gadget that is well-received for an all-encompassing community that does not speak English well and for people who do not know how to make a high-quality substance.

This tool is also ideal for experienced essayists as it helps you expand your vocabulary and words.

Does the tool have plagiarism?

Really! It. This paraphrase tool contains numerous equivalent words, so this chair can give free writing plagiarism.

Here are some guidelines to help you create the best content for you.

  • Start with Quality Content.
  • Read on purpose when you summarize content with a remake tool.
  • Check for plagiarism.
  • Never modify a similar article at another time to get content.


In my opinion, this is the best free article spinning program that you can use for free. I don’t think that people will have to pay for their tools to get my vote.

Have you ever read a blog or article that is too good, but full of spelling and grammar mistakes? Readers are usually annoyed when they read a damaged blog or article.

When you publish content that is relatively free of spelling and grammar errors, you prove that you value good work and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. However, publishing an incorrect publication may give the impression that you are reckless or that you do not take your work seriously.

Therefore, it is important to review your work to find grammar and spelling errors. Content that does not contain spelling or grammatical errors does not apply to being a snob of grammar. It is about making the letter more readable.

I think this is the best rewriting tool.

If you are a blogger or content writer, or even an SEO specialist, you are looking for unique artistic content that focuses on your product or service as an online personality. You know that most search engines have clear content. To be in good shape in the world of the Internet, you must ensure that your site or blog contains exorcistic data that will force your visitors to visit you regularly. In addition, the search engine agrees. As an online marketer, you need consistent content, but writing or creating a completely new concept and composition of an article is no easy task!





You can start rewriting text with synonymizing. This concept refers to activities aimed at replacing words in sentences with identical or similar in meaning. For this purpose, special programs called synonymizes are used. They are both paid and free. In this case, it will be very difficult to achieve good uniqueness, because automated rewriting often produces poor quality texts.


SEO rewriting is carried out by order of optimizers — specialists involved in website promotion in search engines. They need unique texts optimized for search engine queries. Unique texts are texts that have not previously been published on other sites. From this point of view, quality rewriting of any text will be considered by the search engines as a new, unique text.

Optimization of the text consists in the inclusion of certain words and phrases by which the page with the text will be promoted in search engines. They need to be included in headings, subheadings, text a certain number of times. Usually site optimizers say what words and phrases should be found and how many times.

Sometimes seo rewriting is required if the previously published text was copied by other sites, but the search engines considered thieves as the source of the content. In this case, the author’s site may be punished by the search engines for posting “non-unique” content, although in fact it’s not his fault. You can get out of filters by doing seo rewriting texts.


A copywriter is a specialist who makes money by creating content from scratch. In fact, he writes a completely independent essay. The rewriter writes the statement in his own words. That is, he always has a ready-made text, which he needs to process so that it is new, fresh and does not violate copyright.


Yes. Of course, knowledge and experience is always good, but where do they come from if you sit and do nothing.

Take small orders on the exchanges, perform them efficiently according to the technical specifications of the customer. If you have any difficulties, then all the necessary information is on the Internet.

It is clear that employers are not ready to pay big money for such a simple job, but while you are studying, you don’t have to chase wealth.


After rewriting, the new text should not contain:

factual errors;
fiction and speculation of the reiter;
comments of the rewriter;
personal opinion of the rewriter;
what is not in the source text.
You should carefully approach quotes, statements by politicians, economists, experts. In rewriting, it is not advisable to use direct speech, sometimes customers are asked completely exclude citations, links to any sources of information from the text. Therefore, if possible, direct speech and quotes are best written in the form of indirect speech. At the same time, carefully approach the presentation of what is said in the source.





The writing of advertising and presentation texts appeared quite a long time ago. Specialists who do this professionally call copywriters. The modern world creates new ways and the best conditions for the dissemination of information. Along with this, the profession of a rewriter has recently appeared - a specialist who rewrites text material in his own words, while maintaining its meaning. Those who write the source code, as a rule, can do rewrites on them. But some rewriters do not write source code, but only redo them. The meaning of high-quality rewriting is to present information from different angles and prevent the appearance of monotonous texts in the free space of the Internet.